14 September, 2017 | Category : NEWS

Hold lunch hour demonstrations on 15.09.2017 opposing Cabinet’s decision to form Subsidiary Tower Company.

As all of you are aware, the Union Cabinet has taken decision to form a Subsidiary Tower Company in BSNL. This decision, if implemented, will ruin BSNL. It’s 70,000 mobile towers would be snatched away. Without it’s mobile towers, BSNL will become more or less a skeleton. It is the duty of each and every Non-Executive and Executive, to stop the formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company. As a first step against formation of Subsidiary Tower Company, powerful lunch hour demonstrations would be conducted throughout the country on 15.09.2017. All unions and associations are participating in this program. District secretaries of BSNL EU are requested to coordinate with all the other unions and associations and to organise the program very effectively.


12 December, 2017 | Category : NEWS

Strike the work on 12th and 13th December 2017

All work Force of BSNL, Strike the work on 12th and 13th December 2017 demanding immediate wage revision. Strike starts from 12-12-2017 0000 hrs to


13 December, 2017 | Category : NEWS

సమ్మె ఘనవిజయం- తదుపరి పోరాట కార్యక్రమ

సమ్మె ఘనవిజయం- తదుపరి పోరాట కార్యక్రమం పై 8.1.2018 న నిర్ణయం-