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Historic 3 days Maha Dharna of the Working Class at the Parliament Street, New Delhi, from 9-11-2017

Lakhs of workers from all over the country representing all the sectors of our economy have participated in the maha dharna and demonstrated their anger against the anti-people, anti- national policies of the BJP led government at the centre. The exemplary discipline exhibited by the workers from different states and industries belonging to different organisations during the entire duration of three days Maha dharna was highly significant. The massive participation of young women workers from different sectors was another significant feature. BSNL Employees Union members have participated in the maha dharna from all circles. From BSNL EU Andhra Pradesh Circle, 105 have participated. The Central Trade Unions and independent federations/unions that participated in the Maha Dharna have decided further program of action as detailed below, for reversing the destructive policies of BJP led Government.

1. Complete joint district level conventions by the first week of January 2018.
2. District level Satyagraha in the last week of January. The common date for all districts to be decided by the state level joint meeting of central trade unions and industrial federations.
3. Sectoral/ industry level joint strike whenever the government takes measures at privatisation.
4. Protest actions on the day of presentation of Union Budget if it contains anti worker measures.
5. Central trade unions to meet soon after presentation of Union Budget to plan future course of action.

We congratulate the lakhs of workers and employees who have participated in the maha dharna and created history. We congratulate all the members of BSNL Employees Union who participated in the dharna. Let us prepare for further struggles to save the country and to save the economy.

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