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Circle Union office, Quarter No A6, Asman Mahal, BSNL Staff Quarters, Khairatabad, Hyderabad. Phone No: 23324896


     Tele Light - May 2014

IDA is expected to rise by 6.8% to 98.1% from 91.3%  wef 01-10-2014


Prestigious Sanchar Seva Pathak all India Award to a Telecom Mechanic of AP

  Com D Rama Chandra, Telecom Mechanic Mobile No: 944 166 7558, working at Sri Krishna Devaraya university Exchange, Anantapuram SSA is awarded with prestigious Sanchar Seva Pathak all India Award. He is selected among more than one lakh TMs. He hails from a small hamlet near Kadiri and having two daughters. Vice chancellor of the university and the District collector of Anantapur gave mementos/Citations to him for his exemplary services and devotion to duty. University even allotted one residential quarter for him in recognition of his services.

Circle union heartily congratulates him for his best services, exemplary performance and devotion to his duties. He is also an active ADS in  BSNL Employees Union Anantapur District branch.

In recognition of his services, One lakh rupees will be given along with a citation and the function will be at Hyderabad on 01-10-2014

As per the report given by CGMT, AP Circle, CSC Guntur has been awarded as the Best CSC at all India level. Circle Union Heartily congratulates Guntur SSA and all the staff working at CSC Guntur for their best services.




  • 24-09-2014: The 6th District Conference of BSNLEU Warangal SSA was held at Mayuri Gardens, Hanamkonda on 21st September 2014 under the aegis of Com J Sampath Rao Circle Secretary. Com. B. Srinivas TM, Com. A. Surender Reddy SSS and Com. AM Srinivasa Charyulu SS have been reelected unanimously as District President, District Secretary and District Treasurer respectively, for the years 2014-2016. Some photos are hereunder.

  • 12-09-2014: The Circle Executive Committee meeting was held at Kurnool on 09th and 10th September 2014. The CEC unanimously passed the following resolutions

    • It is resolved to condemn the non-responsive attitude of the management towards the scarcity of the  L & W materials, 5 pair cable, supply of material etc.. and decided to bring this to the notice of the Circle management.

    • It is resolved to conduct one-day long Dharna on 23-09-2014 on 30 point charter of demands and call given by JAC of non-executive unions.

    • It is resolved to conduct 2 hour-walkout, quitting the offices, from 11 AM to 1 PM on 30-09-2014 against the management's attitude of non-settlement of staff issues.

    • It is resolved to conduct Dharna on 25-09-2014 by Casual and Contract workers on their burning issues.

    • It is resolved to conduct the Circle Conference at Rajamundry on 6th, 7th and 8th January 2015

    • It is requested all the leaders and members of BSNL EU Ap circle that  the All India conference will be conducted at Kolkata from November 6th to 9th November 2014 and everybody should ensure that the number of Delegates and observers should be according to the eligibility

                                  The Circle union heartily congratulates all the Leaders and the Comrades of Kurnool SSA for organising the CEC at Kurnool. Every body is happy for their hospitality and concern. We thank them very much for their best efforts for conducting CEC.


  • 08-09-2014: Reminder of old order- Rate of Transport allowance to blind or orthopedically handicapped employees...reg

  • 27-08-2014: TTA Recruitment rules-2014

  • 27-08-2014: Recent developments and software updates done in pay roll package in ERP

  • 27-08-2014: Grant of incentives to eligible Non-executives for manning the vacant posts of JHT through local arrangements


NABH accreditation not required for empanelled Hospitals

 In the previous years, on the orders of Ministry of health, BSNL corporate office issued orders to all units that while empanelling new Hospitals or extending the validity of the empanelled hospitals, they should have the accreditation of NABH. Every body in this country knows that 99% of all hospitals does not comply to the norms of NABH. recognizing this fact, Govt of India, again gave an order shelving the old order. Hence, we persuaded the management and GM HRD gave an order to follow the old procedure in empanelment of Hospitals. Any hospital with all the facilities and agrees to our terms can apply for the empanelled recognition. All the DSs are requested to see that more empanelled hospitals are to be enlisted in their SSA. No NABH accreditation required.

Orders and clarifications



Compassionate appointments

 Due to the sustained efforts of BSNL Employees Union AP Circle 36 CGA cases have been sanctioned by CGMT, for the cases already approved and awaiting for want of vacancies whose date of death is prior to 16-01-2007. Orders will be issued in a day or two. Another 18 will be sanctioned shortly.


జిల్లా ల వారిగా మన సర్కిల్ లోని నష్టాలను అటాచ్ మెంటు లో చూడండి . మొత్తం నష్టం 619.31 కొట్లలో కేవలం విశాఖ పట్నం ( 20-26 కోట్లు ), నెల్లూరు ( 5-65 కోట్లు) మాత్రమె లాభాలు తెచ్చాయి . వారికి అభినందనలు . మొదటి సారి గోదావరి జిల్లా లలో నష్టం వచ్చింది . అధికంగా హైదరాబాద్ లో 144-18 కోట్లు , ఆ తరవాత నల్గొండ ( 48-87 కోట్లు) నష్టం తెచ్చాయి .  అతి తక్కువ నష్టం తూర్పు గోదావరి జిల్లా  కు వచ్చింది ఈ  విషయం పై  మీ విశ్లేషణ గ్రౌప్స్ లో పెట్టండి

Profit & Loss account of AP Circle for the financial year 2013-2014

                         Annexure 1  .........    Annexure 2..........    Annexure 3..........    Annexure 4

  • 03-07-2014: Balance sheet and P & Loss statement of AP Telecom Circle for the financial year 2013-2014

Short analysis in Telugu

             Balance Sheet          P& L Statement       Info regarding primary Business segments

  • 01-07-2014: A meeting on the development of AP Telecom Circle is going to be held on 15-07-2014 with recognized unions and associations, by the Circle management. A PPT presentation is herewith enclosed which is yet to be finalized. Suggestions if any may please be brought to the notice of the circle union at the following mail IDs

Power point presentation

Mail IDs .....

IDA rose by 2.9%...,  from 88.4% to 91.3% wef 01-07-2014. Orders will be issued shortly

కొత్త సిఏండి -బిఎస్ఎన్ఎల్ నియామకం సంధిగ్ధం

All the District Secretaries shall follow the guidelines on LCM issued by Corporate office

All the district Secretaries shall make a note that in the wake of duel recognition of BSNL EU and NFTE, the constitution of local council comprises 9 and 5 respectively. It implies all over India. The Secretary of the LCM will be the DS of BSNL EU or any body nominated by  BSNL EU. The leader of the LCM will be from NFTE. While submitting agenda of the LCM, the DS NFTE of particular SSA will inform or write a letter to DS BSNL EU or Secretary LCM about their issues. The staff problems or issues of LCM will not be directly submitted to the head of the SSA. No personal issues are to be discussed in the Local Council. Only policy matters pertaining to the staff or common problems faced by the workers in total. Best way is to discuss mutually and come to a decision before submitting the LCM agenda.

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