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Tele Light-April '2015



Forum Circular dated 29-01-2015 to all important functionaries on signature campaign


Forum pamphlet in Telugu urging people of India to sign to save BSNL

Forum letter in Telugu to all central trade Unions

         Clarification letter..........Consolidated Instructions of DOPT on CGA ..........FAQs issued by DOPT

  • 09-01-2015: Circle Union heartily congratulates all the members and important union functionaries for making 3 days of Dharna a grand success. We also congratulate all the constituents of Forum for making the 3 day dharnas a huge success.

                 Circle Secretary Com Sampath Rao participated in the Dharna program at Rajamundry and addressed the enthusiastic participants. He addressed the Dharna programs at Eluru, Warangal and Khammam. Com Asoka Babu, VP CHQ monitored the Dharnas  conducted at Guntur and Vijayawada.

  • 06-01-2015: The meeting of the Forum of Unions and Associations of BSNL Non-Executives and Executives A.P. Circle was held 03-01-2015 at 14-30 hours at Hyderabad to discuss about the successful implementation of the call given by the All India Forum, for Dharnas on 6,7,8 January 2015, signature campaign on memorandum to the Prime Minister and indefinite strike from 17-3-2015 on the issues of saving BSNL. The following decisions were taken

The decisions taken by Forum

  • 29-12-2014: The Directors appointed by the Govt of India in BSNL Board seriously concerned about the pending HR issues like TTA recruitment rules, officiating JTOs' regularization etc... Hence, they ordered the top management of BSNL to draw a HR plan based on the future man power requirements and Network expansion. Management has given a draft paper to our Union, on the "Man power plan and staffing norms for territorial circles, and has requested to give our comments on the same. CHQ requests the circle secretaries and Central office-bearers to submit their views on the subject, to enable the CHQ to furnish the views of the Union to the Management. All the Important functionaries of the union are requested to go through this Draft and express their views.

Draft Man power plan and staffing norms


Diseases are many...We want a permanent CURE

In AP Circle, We are experiencing shortage of SIMs since several months. Our own Telecom Factories are supplying SIMs to BSNL. But, due to some vigilance proceedings in the tender process of Telecom Factories, the supply of SIMs was stopped and the Corporate office issued orders to CGMS authorizing them to procure the SIMs at Circle level. Tender was called for and only single vendor applied. Since there was a single application, again some procedural objections were raised. After all, finally tender is finalized and PO issued. 3 lakhs SIMs will be supplied by 10-01-2015.

Circle union strongly protested this. We are all aware that if one is available, two will be short, three will be on planning. If 2G SIMs are available, 3G SIMs are short, 3G Micro SIMs are scarce, No Nano SIMs. If all others are available 2G SIMs are short. This attitude of the management at all levels, is killing BSNL. While private Mobile operators are pumping free USIMS/SIMs/connections in to the market, in grand road shows with Music Band mela, we are grunting and moaning with inadequate supply of everything.

 Where are We leading? What the Top management wants? While the revenue graph is coming down year by year, expenditure is growing up. Losses are accumulating since five years. Reserves evaporated. Our exchanges in CFA are becoming white elephants in rural areas. No revenue or very less revenue. Expenditure is very high and eating away the revenue earned by the larger exchanges. Many DGs are in a worn out condition, any time some of them may explode. What at some point we had a Myth and boasted about copper cable, it is busting. In many areas in the country, it was buried under concrete and no way to recover. Most of our Equipment became obsolete. No money to equip NGN switches. No funds to go for 4G services. Diseases are many. We direly want a CURE or we die.

How this condition can be changed or reversed? Can we be in the Top five in the Indian Telecom Industry in terms of revenue and profits? Are we heading to safe heavens or chaotic conditions? All of us in BSNL, can we dream of a better future?

 So what to be done? how ??? 


Indefinite Strike from 17-03-2015....Pamphlet in Telugu

Prepare vigorously to fight for BSNL and our existence

  • All the DSs are requested to complete the signature campaign program among the BSNL employees by 25-12-2014. Each one of the employee shall be met, appraised of the current situation and forth coming crisis in BSNL and in turn crisis in the lives of all employees.

  • Signatures from the public, especially from BSNL customers are to be collected.

  • Signatures should be more than 50 times to the strength of the employees of particular SSA. Since the total staff strength of BSNL AP circle is around 24300,  15 lakh signatures in entire two states are to be collected.

  • While collecting the signatures of the employees, branch meetings shall be conducted under the Forum leadership explaining the contents contained in the Telugu pamphlet

  • In the three-day Dharna on 6th, 7th, and 8-01-2015, all the employees should participate on any one of the Day. Joint meetings of the Forum shall be conducted at District level by discussing mutually.

  • First set of posters were already dispatched to the conveners of the Forum.

  • As this is a ' Do or Die situation in BSNL', all the leaders of Forum of Executive and non-executive unions and associations are requested to put all out efforts to educate all the members of BSNL Family, the stake holders and employees to be aware of the forth coming imminent danger and fight back to avert it

  • 15-12-2014: Clarifications on CGA cases issued by Corporate office

  • 10-12-2014: Profit and Loss of BSNL, AP Circle, from 01-10-2000 to 31-03-2014

Indefinite Strike from 17-03-2015....Pamphlet in Telugu

The officials retired after 01-01-2007 will have to submit their HR number on the medical Bill and the officer in charge of sanctioning the medical bills either AO planning or Others should enter the HR number of the applicant in ERP and then this will be forwarded to AO Pay for sending it to the central settlement cell for payment.

For the officials retired before 01-01-2007, there will not be a HR number. For them, already instructions have been issued to allot a PIN (Personal Identification Number) and same should be fed into ERP while sanctioning the medical Bills. In HCM module a separate series were issued to each SSA and the same is to be issued by the SSA nodal officer of ERP HR, to each pre-2007 retired employees. All the District Secretaries are to please note this and inform all the retired employees and see that their medical claims are settled at the earliest. 

జిల్లా ల వారిగా మన సర్కిల్ లోని నష్టాలను అటాచ్ మెంటు లో చూడండి . మొత్తం నష్టం 619.31 కొట్లలో కేవలం విశాఖ పట్నం ( 20-26 కోట్లు ), నెల్లూరు ( 5-65 కోట్లు) మాత్రమె లాభాలు తెచ్చాయి . వారికి అభినందనలు . మొదటి సారి గోదావరి జిల్లా లలో నష్టం వచ్చింది . అధికంగా హైదరాబాద్ లో 144-18 కోట్లు , ఆ తరవాత నల్గొండ ( 48-87 కోట్లు) నష్టం తెచ్చాయి .  అతి తక్కువ నష్టం తూర్పు గోదావరి జిల్లా  కు వచ్చింది ఈ  విషయం పై  మీ విశ్లేషణ గ్రౌప్స్ లో పెట్టండి

Profit & Loss account of AP Circle for the financial year 2013-2014

                         Annexure 1  .........    Annexure 2..........    Annexure 3..........    Annexure 4

  • 03-07-2014: Balance sheet and P & Loss statement of AP Telecom Circle for the financial year 2013-2014

Short analysis in Telugu

             Balance Sheet          P& L Statement       Info regarding primary Business segments

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