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Tele Light-August-2015

  • 02-09-2015: Revolutionary greetings to all the non-executive employees who participated in the 16th one-day Nation wide General Strike.                                                       80% of the work force of BSNL in AP Circle are against the onslaught of the NDA govt and its unruly liberalization policies and succumbing the workers' rights which were achieved thru ages. Uprising labor unrest and unity to fight against wicked rulers is a clear sign that, in future, if the onslaught continues in our BSNL,  tearing it apart into different pieces and inviting strategic partners, is nothing but to kill another PSU, handing over the nest to big snakes to consume BSNL. We strongly say with one voice to the NDA II, 'Let us allow to work hard for the nation. Do not to meddle with the workers of this nation for the benefit of multinational companies and capitalists.'  

  • 01-09-2015: Massive dharnas at Corporate Office, Circle and District levels on 16.09.2015, against Subsidiary Tower Company. The Forum meeting which met yesterday i.e on 31-08-2015 at Delhi, has taken the decision to conduct massive dharnas at the Corporate Office, Circle and SSA levels, against the decision of the Cabinet for the formation of a Subsidiary Tower Company. The meeting insisted that the government should give up it’s decision to form Subsidiary Tower Company. The meeting also decided to mobilize more than 1000 comrades in the dharnas to be conducted at the BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi. All circle and district secretaries are requested to organize the dharna very effectively.

Model Pamphlet In Telugu as the workers all over the country are vigorously preparing to participate in the September 2nd General Strike


Forum's Brief Pamphlet in Telugu on the General Strike on 02-09-2015

Hold Lunch Hour Demonstrations on 12-08-2015

Hold Lunch-Hour Demonstrations on 12-08-2015 on the Govt. decision for the formation of a subsidiary company for Cell Towers in BSNL...... No disinvestment was possible n' No privatization was possible even partial, because Unions and associations are strongly protesting and at the same time BSNL is in losses. No body wants a white elephant which is eating its own flesh. It is a backyard way to split the BSNL into different pieces so as the Tiger killing the cows by splitting its ways. Awake, Arise and Fight to save BSNL. 


Power point presentation on the development of current year in different segments

CFA Sales and marketing... CFA Planning... Transmission planning and Broad Band

CM S & M.... CM NWP...CM NWO

Enterprise Business.... Civil... Lands and Buildings

  • 03-08-2015: Financial crisis in Greece and it's effects on the world economy-pamphlet in Telugu

  • 28-07-15: Breakthrough reached in the change of designations issue. Circle union congratulates the entire Non-Executive employees. The long pending issue of 'Change of Designations' is settled in today's meeting of Designations Committee. Finally, the break through is reached.

    Details of the settlement:-
                                          1) Regular Mazdoor - Telecom Assistant.

                                          2) Telecom Mechanic - Telecom Technician

                                          3) TTAs - Junior Engineer.

                                          4) Sr.TOAs in NE11 & NE12 pay scales - Office Superintendent.
                                          5) Other Sr.TOAs - Office Associate.

The CEC meeting of BSNLEU, held at Dalhousie has taken the following important decisions. All Circle and


 District Secretaries are requested to take note of the decisions and to ensure their implementation. 

1) The CEC meeting decided to call upon the entire BSNL employees to en masse join the General Strike to be held on 2nd September, 2015, called on by the Central Trade Unions.

2) On the non-settlement of the problems of the Non-Executives, the meeting directed the CHQ to take up the issue with the JAC for necessary trade union action, if required.

3) The meeting called upon the Circle and District unions to vigorously implement the month long campaign, called on by the Forum.

4) The meeting decided that, circle and district council meetings should immediately be conducted, in circles/districts where the same is not conducted.

5) The meeting decided that all the District Secretaries should take immediate steps for the periodic conducting of the Works Committee meetings.

6) The meeting decided that study classes should be organized by the KG Bose Memorial and Educational Trust. Timing, subject and centers are to be decided by the Trust.

7) As regards Tele Crusader, the meeting decided that all the District Secretaries should immediately intimate the CHQ, the branch wise requirement of the journal.

8) The meeting unanimously accepted the offer of the Tamilnadu circle union to host the next All India Conference.

Forum Circular dated 29-01-2015 to all important functionaries on signature campaign

 Forum pamphlet in Telugu urging people of India to sign to save BSNL

Forum letter in Telugu to all central trade Unions

         Clarification letter..........Consolidated Instructions of DOPT on CGA ..........FAQs issued by DOPT

  • 29-12-2014: The Directors appointed by the Govt of India in BSNL Board seriously concerned about the pending HR issues like TTA recruitment rules, officiating JTOs' regularization etc... Hence, they ordered the top management of BSNL to draw a HR plan based on the future man power requirements and Network expansion. Management has given a draft paper to our Union, on the "Man power plan and staffing norms for territorial circles, and has requested to give our comments on the same. CHQ requests the circle secretaries and Central office-bearers to submit their views on the subject, to enable the CHQ to furnish the views of the Union to the Management. All the Important functionaries of the union are requested to go through this Draft and express their views.

Draft Man power plan and staffing norms

The officials retired after 01-01-2007 will have to submit their HR number on the medical Bill and the officer in charge of sanctioning the medical bills either AO planning or Others should enter the HR number of the applicant in ERP and then this will be forwarded to AO Pay for sending it to the central settlement cell for payment.

For the officials retired before 01-01-2007, there will not be a HR number. For them, already instructions have been issued to allot a PIN (Personal Identification Number) and same should be fed into ERP while sanctioning the medical Bills. In HCM module a separate series were issued to each SSA and the same is to be issued by the SSA nodal officer of ERP HR, to each pre-2007 retired employees. All the District Secretaries are to please note this and inform all the retired employees and see that their medical claims are settled at the earliest. 

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Short analysis in Telugu

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