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Circle Union office shifted to Quarter No F2, Asman Mahal, BSNL Staff Quarters, Khairatabad, Hyderabad. Phone No: 23324896

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Tele Light-March-2016

  • 28-07-2016:Qualifying marks further relaxed for SC/ST employees for various departmental examinations.

    BSNLEU is continuously fighting for the strict implementation of the DoP&T orders for relaxation in the qualifying marks of the SC/ST candidates in various departmental examinations. BSNLEU has also conducted various struggles on this demand. As a result of this, a committee was constituted a few months back by the Corporate Management. Based on the recommendations of the committee, Corporate Office has issued order today, further relaxing the qualifying marks for SC/ST candidates in various departmental examinations. This relaxation will be implemented for all the departmental examinations notified after 02.12.2014. Definitely, this is an achievement for the continuous struggle of BSNLEU. However, it is to be noted that even this relaxations are not given as per the DoP&T orders on the subject. Now, BSNLEU will consider taking the next step for making BSNL Management to implement the DoP&T orders in letter and spirit

  • 28-07-2016: District Conferences were Held

    1.           Kurnool District Conference was held on 26-7-2016 at Kurnool. District President Com G.Maheswara Rao presided. Com J.Sampath Rao CS, Com P.Asokababu Vice President CHQ, Com P.Akbar Basha ACS and Com D.Rama Maddileti Reddy Circle Co-Ordinator have attended and addressed. CITU AP General Secretary Com M.A.Gafoor addressed the meeting. Office bearers were elected unanimouslsy. Com G.V.Bhaskara Reddy, Com D.Venkatarami Reddy and Com K.Venugopal as District President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively were elected unanimous.

    2.           Anantapuram District Conference was held at Anantapuram on 27-7-2016. District President Com C. Sivaprasad presided. MLC Dr.Geyanand, MLA Sri Y. Prabhakara Chowdary, Com J. Sampath Rao CS, Com P. Asokababu Vice President CHQ, Com P. Akbar Basha, Circle Coordinator Com K. Sivasankar have attended and addressed the meeting. Com C. Sivaprasad, Com G. Chandrasekhar and Com K. Thippa Reddy as District President, Secretary and treasurer respectively were elected unanimous along with all the office bearers.

  • 23-07-2016: Removal of 60% ceiling is an achievement of all times to come-There is a proverb that victory has a hundred fathers, while defeat is always an orphan. We are reminded of this proverb, when some people claim that the government’s liability to pay pension to absorbed BSNL employees was settled by them, by writing a letter to the Prime Minister. Many organisations wrote letters and conducted many agitations also. But the government did not take them seriously. But, the united strength of the Executives and Non-Executives which brought BSNL to a standstill, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, during the 2 day strike held on 21st & 22nd April, 2015, clinched the issue. In almost all circles, even the CGM’s were not allowed to enter the offices. The BSNL employees talked in a language that was understood by the government. This historic struggle forced the government to come to the negotiating table with the Forum on 01.05.2015. In the talks held on that day, for the first time the government accepted that it would remove the 60% ceiling. Hence, we have no hesitation to say that it is the united struggle of the entire Executives and Non-Executives of BSNL that removed the sword that was hanging on the heads of the employees on the pension issue.

                         At the time when DoT employees got absorbed in BSNL, the Central Cabinet assured that the employees absorbed in BSNL would be paid pension and family pension. The Cabinet also assured that it is the liability of the government to pay pension. However, subsequently the government went back from this commitment and issued a letter on 15.06.2006, saying that government cannot bear the entire expenditure for payment of pension / family pension to the employees absorbed in BSNL. Further, the government said the liability of the government to pay pension to the BSNL absorbees is limited to 60% of the amount received by government, from BSNL and MTNL towards payment of dividend, licence fee, etc. Thus, the government absolved itself from the responsibility of paying pension to the DoT employees who got absorbed in BSNL. This put the future payment of BSNL employees in jeopardy. The Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations was continuously taking up this issue and conducted many struggles. BSNLEU stood in the forefront of all these struggles. Finally, the two day strike, held on 21st & 22nd April, 2015, as per the call of the Forum clinched the issue. This struggle forced the government to hold talks with the Forum on 01.05.2015. In this talks, the Secretary, DoT, categorically gave the commitment for the first time that DoT will move a Cabinet Note for the removal of 60% ceiling on government’s liability to pay pension, as well as to give the 78.2% IDA merger benefit to the pensioners. Accordingly, DoT moved the Cabinet Note. Finally Central Cabinet took decision on 05.07.2016, accepting the full responsibility to pay pension to the absorbed BSNL employees. Based on this Cabinet decision, DoT issued order on 20.07.2016, rescinding the earlier government order dated 15.06.2006. Order


  • 23-07-2016: Pamphlet in Telugu on achieving 78.2% DA Merger to the retired employees

  • 22-07-2016: District Conferences held

    CGMT Office District Conference was held on 29-6-2016. Com J.Sampath Rao CS, Com. B.Paripurnachary ACS, Com V.Viswanatham COS and Com. M. Nagababu Circle Coordinator have addressed. Com. Alice Mary, Com S. Om Prakash Jaiswal and Com. P.Gopal as District President, Secretary and treasurer respectively, were elected.

    Sangareddy District Conference was held on 10-7-2016 at Sangareddy. Com. J.Sampath Rao CS, Com. G.Sambasiva Rao ACS, and Com. Y. Subba Rao Area Secretary HTD addressed. Com. D. Nandagopal, Com. J. Kishan Rao and Com. N. Krishnamurthy as District President, Secretary and treasurer respectively were unanimously elected.

    East Godavari District Conference was held 15-7-2016 at Pittapuram. Com. J.Sampath Rao CS, Com. P.Asokababu VP, CHQ, Com M.S.N.Raju COS, Circle Coordinators Com Y. Venkateswara Rao, Com M.Saibabu, Com S.V.G.Krishna and Com. Jagannatham Circle Welfare Board member have addressed. Com. I. Srinivasa Rao, Com P.Maheswara Rao and Com. A.V.Krishnaveni as District President, Secretary and treasurer respectively were unanimously elected .

    Srikakulam District Conference was held on 16-7-2016 at Tekkali. Com. J.Sampath Rao CS, Com. P.Asokababu VP, Com M. Govardhana Rao COS and Com V.Srinivasa Rao Circle Coordinator have  addressed. Com D.Appa Rao, Com P.Venkata Rao and Com M.Venkata Rao as District President, Secretary and treasurer respectively were unanimously elected .

             What relevance the 3rd PRC is having on the Non-Executives?

Now, the government has formed the 3rd Pay Revision Committee (PRC) for the officers of the Public Sector undertakings. The recommendations of this 3rd PRC will be applicable only to the officers, non-unionized supervisors and will not be directly applicable to the Non-Executives of any Public Sector. As regards the Non-Executives, the wage revision will be bargained with the Management, by their recognised unions, and finally wage revision agreement will be signed. However, the quantum of fitment, rate of increment, etc., are recommended by the 3rd PRC, will have certainly have a bearing on the wage settlement of the Non-Executives. BSNLEU has already demanded that the Management should start the Wage Revision talks. However, the Management has replied that Wage Revision talks would start, only when clearance is given by the Administrative Ministry, ie., the DoT. Now, that the government has already declared the formation of the 3rd PRC, we will demand that the DoT should give necessary clearance to BSNL, for starting negotiations for the Wage Revision

     1. Copy of the prior intimation to the SSA head (controlling/Administrative authority)  or 2. NOC from SSA head (controlling/Administrative authority) or 3. Identity Certificate from SSA head (controlling/Administrative authority)

Another break through is regularisation of all the officiating JTOs as one time measure. This was a long pending issue which experienced several hurdles in Judicature and created much humiliation among Officiating JTOs since 13 years. BSNL EU's sustained efforts in many platforms finally yielded results. Congratulations to all the employees.

     Pamphlet in PDF

         Clarification letter..........Consolidated Instructions of DOPT on CGA ..........FAQs issued by DOPT

  • 29-12-2014: The Directors appointed by the Govt of India in BSNL Board seriously concerned about the pending HR issues like TTA recruitment rules, officiating JTOs' regularization etc... Hence, they ordered the top management of BSNL to draw a HR plan based on the future man power requirements and Network expansion. Management has given a draft paper to our Union, on the "Man power plan and staffing norms for territorial circles, and has requested to give our comments on the same. CHQ requests the circle secretaries and Central office-bearers to submit their views on the subject, to enable the CHQ to furnish the views of the Union to the Management. All the Important functionaries of the union are requested to go through this Draft and express their views.

Draft Man power plan and staffing norms

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